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Are the “Terrible Two's” a Cultural Phenomenon?

Are the “Terrible Two’s” a cultural phenomenon? A recent study by Mosier and Rogoff (2003) suggests that the “Terrible Two’s” may in fact be a product of our cultural beliefs and associated power-assertive parenting strategies. Mosier and Rogoff observed U.S.

The Acculturation of Latino Immigrant Women

The Acculturation of Latino Immigrant Women in the USA Common wisdom would dictate that immigrant Latino women, coming from Mexico, Central and South America, should try to “acculturate” as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits of the US dominant culture. This would mean that they might try to learn to speak English, perhaps speak English at home and to “adopt” new and more modern ways of rearing children and doing things with the family. However, in view of several recent studies, this should …