Prepare Your Portfolio

The compilation of a professional portfolio is an important step toward earning the KAIMH Endorsement.  The professional portfolio reflects the candidate’s capabilities within the infant and family field as identified for each level of endorsement in the guidelines.

Step 1: Complete All Sections of the Online Portfolio on the EASy System

Step 2: Use the Getting Started Form 

This document will help you assess and track your education, training, and experiences and help you determine what additional specialized training might be necessary to meet the competencies and earn KAIMH Endorsement (IMH-E®). Consult with your advisor for more information.

Step 3: Prepare Your Portfolio

The EASy (Enrollment Application System) helps the candidate prepare the professional portfolio that includes: 

• Specialized work experiences with infants, toddlers, young children, and families 

• Educational level attained, coursework or degree(s) earned 

• Specialized in-service training experiences and conferences attended

• Reflective supervision/consultation experiences (Recommended for IFA and IMHM-P, Required for IFS, IMHS, IMHM-C, IMHM-R/F) 

The EASy prompts for all required information.  Candidates may access EASy anytime day or night.  Candidates communicate with his/her endorsement coordinator via an internal communication system in EASy or may email for review and feedback before submitting to KAIMH for review.

Specialized Work Experiences:  Candidates provide a list of paid work experiences with and/or related to infants, toddlers, young children and their caregivers, as specified at each level.  Candidates include a detailed description of the responsibilities as well as the name of the direct supervisor.  

Educational Level Attained:  Candidates list all formal educational programs and/or degrees from both undergraduate and graduate work.  Candidate includes sealed official transcripts from each college or university attended in the professional portfolio packet.

Specialized In-service Training Experiences and Conferences: A minimum of 30 clock hours of specialized in-service training experiences are required at all categories of endorsement.  Please be aware that in-service training is one of the ways that an applicant can meet required competencies.  If an endorsement applicant has not had course work at the undergraduate or graduate level that is specifically related to the competencies, he/she may find that more than 30 hours are necessary to fill in any competency gaps.

Candidates include competencies (knowledge/skill areas) covered at each training event attended, e.g., cultural competence, screening & assessment, developmental guidance. Please list no more than 1 Competency knowledge/skill area for training events of 1 to 2 hours, no more than 2 Competency knowledge/skill areas for training events of 2-3 hours, and so on.

Eligible specialized in-service training meets the following criteria:

• Is culturally sensitive, relationship-focused and promotes infant mental health

• Relates to one or more of the knowledge/skill areas in the KAIMH Competency Guidelines

• Is specific to the level of endorsement at which candidate is applying

Candidates include all infant mental health-related conference keynote addresses and workshops in the in-service training section of EASy.  Please note that only one conference counts toward the minimum of 30 clock hours of in-service training experiences.

Reflective Supervision/Consultation Experiences:  Candidates include information about the provider and nature of reflective supervision/consultation experiences.  Please refer to the Best Practice for Reflective Supervision (located under helpful documents on this page) for additional information about which experiences qualify toward endorsement.

Step 4: Portfolio Submission & Review

Portfolio Submission:  Candidates submit the portfolio after the endorsement advisor reviews the portfolio in EASy and both are confident that the portfolio is complete.  Candidates may submit the Endorsement Fee online through EASy.

Endorsement Fee Schedule

 Endorsement Application Fee paid at time of
 Endorsement application
 Endorsement Fee paid when portfolio
 is submitted
Endorsement Renewalannually by End of January$20$20$35$35

Portfolio Review:  The KAIMH Endorsement Committee reviews professional portfolios on a quarterly basis.  IFA and IFS candidates receive an endorsement decision after at least two portfolio review committee members examine and approve the portfolio.  IMHS and IMHM candidates move on to a written exam after at least two portfolio review committee members examine and approve. KAIMH offers the written exam twice a year.