Participate in Reflective Supervision/Consultation

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Best Practices for Reflective Supervision: download the article

The primary objectives of reflective supervision/consultation begin with forming a trusting relationship between supervisor and practitioner. This relationship is formed in the establishment of consistent and predictable meetings and times. Through the relationship the supervisor listens to and asks questions of the practitioner that encourage details about the infant, parent and emerging relationship. The supervisor remains emotionally present in order to teach, guide, nurture and support the practitioner. Through applying the integration of emotion and reason, the reflective process is fostered and internalized by the practitioner thus exploring the parallel process and allowing for personal reflection. Together the supervisor and practitioner attend to how reactions to the content affect the process to help young children and their families.

Reflective supervision/consultation may be carried out individually or within a group.  For the purposes of this document, reflective supervision/consultation refers specifically to work done in the infant/family field on behalf of the infant/toddler’s primary caregiving relationships.

To participate in Reflective Supervision/Consultation contact the KAIMH office for information about facilitators, locations, and fees.