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What is Reflective Supervision?

Reflective Practice is a process in which a person reflects on ones’ own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that arise when working with expectant parents; infants, young children, and their families; and professionals.

Reflective Supervision is regular collaborative meetings between a professional that provides services to families and young children (clinical, intervention, early educator, etc.) and a trained Reflective Supervision provider. They meet to reflect and build skills, using the provider’s thoughts, feelings, and values and how they apply within the context of providing services. 

Are you interested in learning more about reflective supervision/consultation?  The Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health offers the Best Practice Guidelines for Reflective Supervision/Consultation to describe the knowledge, skills and practices that are critical to RSC!  Download the Best Practice for Reflective Supervision to jumpstart your understanding of RSC.

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Alliance RSC Talking Points

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"We don't learn from experience - we learn from reflecting on experience."

-John Dewey