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KAIMH Endorsement® Competency Guidelines

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KAIMH IMH Endorsement® Professional Registry

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Professional Development Resources

There are many resources that offer professional development on infant and early childhood mental health that meet Infant Mental Health Endorsement® criteria.

  1. Enhances your professional profile as a specialist in the infant and family field
  2. Affirms the specialized knowledge and skills you have acquired through formal education, experience, and in-service training
  3. Validates the work that you have done under the guidance and supervision of experienced mentors
  4. Links your professional development to competency standards that reflect best practice
  5. Identifies you as a competent professional in a system that reflects commitment to best practice and quality care for all infants, toddlers, and families
Who can seek Infant Mental Health Endorsement?

All professionals who have experience working with or on behalf of infants, toddlers, parents, and/or other caregivers. 

How will I benefit from Infant Mental Health Endorsement?
  • Grow and develop as a professional in the rapidly expanding infant and family service field
  • Be recognized by employers and peers for having attained a level of competency in culturally sensitive, relationship-focused practice that promotes infant mental health
  • Better support the infants, toddlers, families, students, agencies, and institutions in the promotion of infant mental health
How long does the Endorsement process take?

Each person will take a different amount of time depending on their formal education, specific training, and the amount of Reflective Supervision / Consultation received. However, the average time to complete the process is one to two years.