Endorsement Matters

Completion of the Endorsement Process holds a personal meaning for children, their families and community supports. These stakeholders benefit from the quality of services and increased knowledge that the Endorsement Process provides. The following excerpt is from a letter sent by a parent, “I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks to (our ECMH consultant) enough. Her patience, support and complete professionalism are an asset to the program and anyone who has the blessing to have crossed her path. She was able to explain to my husband and me what our son was experiencing and then introduced us to the tools to move forward with an important development in his life. Fortunately her support didn’t end there, she went over and beyond to help us implement those tools, without doing it for us, and we are able to assist (our son) with the life skills of change and communicating to others while not engaging in physical violence. I would never say that (our son) is a bad child but we would NEVER have known how to deal with our experience other than how we were raised. This path was far more logical, receptive and I would say successful!!!! I feel if I ever needed support from (our ECMH consultant) she would happily assist. I think the most important thing though is we learned tools that will help us in life for both children. I will always feel in debt to this program and especially (our ECMH Consultant).”


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